Boba tea, yogurt, fruit drinks, coffee, and hot drinks.


One of my favorite boba places, especially it has mochi donuts at the same place, which is amazing. I have been trying Golden Green milk tea and my new addictive - Avocado yogurt. Those are their signature drinks, they are tasty and good quality .I love it since 1st time tried...

-Christine N.


I go here every day to get rice purple yogurt



My favorite Boba place in Dallas! Boba pearls are always chewy and made fresh and drinks are consistently made (some places’ drinks taste different depending on who makes them) but DaBoba never disappoints! They have a good variety of drinks and I Love that I can get mochi donut and boba in one place! The owners are very sweet! The decor and ambience makes this a perfect Instagram spot! They even have an egg chair! Definitely reccomend!

-Meagan N.

Check out some of our Favorites!
Cheese Black Tea

Fresh Black Tea with sweeteners and top with Daboba cheese foams with a little sprinkles of matcha powder.

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Brown Sugar Pearl Choco

Brown Sugar Choco is like chocolate latte and it comes with brown sugar boba!

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Cheese Green Tea

Fresh Pure Green Teas with sweeteners and top with Daboba cheese foams and a little sprinkles of matcha powder.

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Grain Yogurt

Smoothies types. Grains blend with Daboba yogurt and comes with small chunks of oat meals, cashews, and almonds.

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Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

Roasted Brown Sugar Milk Tea is black tea with non-dairy creamers. It comes with brown sugar boba and cheese foams!

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Purple Rice Yogurt

Smoothies types. Sweet purple rice blend with Daboba yogurts and purple rice as a topping.

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